Access to the municipal campsite

Camping Porto Ota-City is located on the western coast of the island of Corsica, in the Gulf of Porto, 80km north of Ajaccio and 80 kms south of Calvi. Its location in the valley of Porto, near the river, the beach and amenities, makes this site a great place for your vacation.

Schedules and opening period of the municipal campsite

The municipal campground is open from mid-May to late September. His team welcomes you every day of this period of 8:00 to 8:00 p.m.. For further information do not hesitate to send us an email,or contact us by phone during the opening period.

Rates per night 2018 season (subject to change)
Catégories Low Season* High Season* Comments
Adult 6.50 € 8.00 €
Child 3.50 € 3.50 € 2 à 7 years
Floor sleeping 2.00 € 2.00 €
Tent 2 people 3.00 € 3.00 € 1 à 2 people
Tent 3 or more people 3.50 € 5.00 €
Car 2.80 € 2.80 €
Motorcycle 2.00 € 2.00 €
Equipped car 4.50 € 5.50 € Car Roof
Van 5.50 € 6.50 €
Camper 6.00 € 7.00 € Extra water not inclued
Caravan 4.00 € 4.00 €
Trailer 3.00 € 3.00 € with or without boat
Electricity 3.50 € 3.50 €
Tax incluse incluse Per person per night

*Low season: Beginnning of May to 30 June and from September 1st to the end of September - High Season: July 1 to August 31

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Structure of municipal campsite reception

The municipal campsite of Ota-Porto offers a capacity of 300 pitches on flat ground and shade. Electrical terminals are used to connect your network installation ERDF (European standards provide adapter). Including sanitary hot showers, sinks and toilets are available. For areas designated for tents, parking is located in front of the sites. There is also a freezer for the refresh of your ice packs, free service at the reception.

Caravan and Motorhome

At the entrance of the camping you will find a service area for camper vans, equipped with a relay terminal euro for filling water (2 euros per 100 liters) or electricity (2 euros for 1 hour connection ). The cutting height of the foliage is taken into account to allow caravans and motorhomes sit under the trees. Its easy access to the village will give you the opportunity to visit and walk around in peace, leaving your camper parked in the municipal campground.

Listening to the various suggestions of our customers, due to the problems posed by groups at campsites we decided to book their zone away (limited to 50 people) so that everyone enjoys the best of holidays.